How We Craft Your Brand Design

A brand story goes beyond your content narrative. Every element made up your brand story: your logo, color schemes, the little details of your decor accents, menu design, staff you hired and their uniforms, that friendly tone, and the emotions evoked from drinking your craft beers or drooling over your mouthwatering dishes. Your brand is telling the story of how your business will make them feel. It is equivalent to the experience told through your customer’s senses.

At Good Lime Studio, we craft your unique brand design through thoughtful brand storytelling, art and creative direction and relevant content. We aim to convey a similar tone of customer experience with your digital presence. There are 3 steps in crafting your unique brand story.

The first step is learning as much as possible about your business, your brand, your target market and about you. We will have you fill out a Branding Questionnaire and send a proposal to get the ball rolling.

The second step (this is for brick-n-mortar businesses) is visiting your business location (if you are local) to capture visual inspirations and the atmosphere or tone of your business. If you are not within reach, we would request to see your business visual elements and photos or to send us a video of your business if possible.

Inside a vibrant restaurant

Inside an electrifying diner

The third step is crafting a mood board (or an inspiration board) to set the visual direction for our design project. A mood board is a free-form way to communicate the “feel” of an idea. It contains images, color palette, text, fonts, and samples of objects that represent your brand, or can be identifies as part of it.

Many ways to create a mood board

Mood board collage of digital images

This process resulted in logo design, brand board and brand guidelines of your unique business that speaks to your customers. Armed with your branding, we will apply it to your website design or e-commerce store.

What questions do you have about this process?