How We Design Your Website

Are you a busy business owner who invested your time, money and passion to your place of business and service offerings, only to fail at your web presence by settling on a less than desirable website that barely represent your branding and vision? Or worse… You do not have a business website at all?

Your business’ first impression is very important on BOTH off and online. Why you may ask?

Because a website is a 24/7 representation of your business.

Imagine your website as a restaurant that opens 24/7. It acts like a “hostess” with all the information your customers need about your business, e.g., Hours, Menu, Prices, Locations, Online Store, Reservations, etc. available to them at anytime and accessible from anywhere in the world. It is continuously working towards driving future sales or new customers to your front door even when you are asleep! Knowing this fact, wouldn’t you want a website that best represent your business and tells your brand story accurately?

Having a well designed and developed website with good Search Engine Optimization or SEO means increased credibility, not just to your customers but also to good old Google search rankings. This is important because a customer can find you easily through online search and feel confident patronizing your business.

Now, imagine a customer landed on your website after searching your business keywords on Google and decided to check out your menu online. She would see that you have an awesome website with tastefully placed mouthwatering photos, plus a personable brand story. You now have made her feel both at ease and excited because she is now confident in knowing what to expect from your business!

The key takeaway here is that your customers deserve a good website experience which only YOU can provide. And that starts with hiring Good Lime Studio to craft a mouthwatering digital design experience for your customers to enjoy.

What to expect from a custom website design project? To get an idea of our work process, we break it down to these 4 phases.

Discovery Phase is when we kick off our project with design research and creative content planning under Brand Storytelling.

Wireframing Phase is when we plan and strategize the high-level views of the website layout and navigation flows. A website wireframe looks like a “skeleton” of a body or a “blueprint” of a house, hence, you will not see variety of colors, fancy images or any other fun stuff yet. Their main purpose to provide initial design mapping of all the elements and layout placements that go on a web page. Client reviews are required.

good lime studio wireframe design

Example of a wireframe

Design Mockup Phase is when we have fun and apply visual design from our brand storytelling study to the wireframes. We might have 2-3 versions of design mockups depending on project budget. And based from client reviews and iterations, we will end up with a close-to-refine high fidelity version of your website design. Client reviews are required.

good lime studio website design

Example of a design mockup

Live Demo Phase is when we develop your website using the latest web standards and technologies. You will be able to test out your website using a demo website hosted on our sandbox development server or a clickable prototype version when necessary.

Are you worried you might not have time to manage a website design project? No worries, leave the project management to us. Our process is streamlined and we are highly efficient in managing project to ensure it gets done on time and on budget, no matter how busy you are. You will receive a project schedule, so you will know when to review deliverables such as wireframes and mockups. This means you can relax and focus on running your business.

We recommend reading about our website development process to learn more.

Hey, business owner!
Are you ready to take your online presence from bland to mouthwatering?