How We Develop Your Website

During our initial consultation, we will try to understand your website development scope or requirements so we can craft a project proposal that best fits your development needs. In order to know what to include, we need to answer the following questions:

  • What type of website we will be building for you? e.g., a one-pager, small business website, enterprise website, a blog, an online store, etc.

  • All websites are powered by a software or technology in the background. What type of technology we will be using? HTML or PHP files? Self-hosted or subscription-based content management system (CMS) like Wordpress, Joomla or Surreal CMS? Generally, we will recommend the best solution for you.

  • Which additional website components and functionalities such as plugins, widgets, apps or third-party services we will need to utilize so we can achieve your requirements?

  • Will you be maintaining the website yourself or hiring us or someone else for website maintenance?

  • What type of hosting do you need? i.e., self-hosted or managed/hosted.

Let’s talk about domain and hosting (specifically the self-hosted option). People ask us about these two things, a lot. And some folks do not realize that they go together like peanut butter and jelly, or green eggs and ham (hah!), meaning that you need both in order to have a website.

TL;DR: Think about a domain like an apartment address so people can find you and hosting is like the apartment space in a building where you are currently renting from.

What is a domain? It is your web address on the internet. The most common top-level domains (TLDs) are .com , which stands for “company”, and .net, which stands for “network”. Other popular ones are .org and .co which is what is using.

What is a hosting? Or in other words, a hosting provider? It is a company that runs web servers and rents space out on them to people, usually by charging a monthly or yearly subscription to use a space in their servers. We highly recommend choosing our web hosting partner SiteGround.

We have personally used and tested their services ourselves and we can’t stop raving about their server speed and awesome customer service to everyone! Plus, each of their hosting plan comes with FREE SSL Certificate which means your website will be both fast and secure on the internet.

How To Start On Your Hosting

The hosting sign up process is extremely easy with SiteGround, our highly recommended and preferred hosting provider. When you are ready or just curious, click on the banner below to get started.

Web Hosting

Next, follow these 3 easy steps to sign up for your hosting account:

STEP 1. Choose Your Hosting Plan
SiteGround has three plans tailored to your web hosting needs.

  • The StartUp plan ($3.95/mo) is perfect for a business with one website to kick start their web presence.

  • The GrowBig plan ($5.95/mo) is a great value for money, including unlimited websites and the SuperCacher feature that greatly improves a website speed.

  • The GoGeek plan ($11.95/mo) is perfect for a business with e-commerce and larger sites, including geeky development features such as staging and GIT integration.

Step 1. Choose A Plan

STEP 2. Choose Your Domain
You can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain (no worries, we will propagate your existing domain to SiteGround). Also, if you have chosen the GrowBig or GoGeek plan, you will get free website transfer!

Step 2. Choose Domain

STEP 3. Review and Complete
Last step is to review that everything is correct, and you can sign up for any additional services such as Site Scanner and Domain Privacy. Click “Pay Now” when you are ready.

Step 3. Review and Complete

Congratulations! You have just learn how to set up your new hosting account with SiteGround.

We recommend reading about our website design process to learn more.

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